Disinfection robot "santec"

More and more different types of robots are used to combat the coronavirus (COVID19), they are gradually replacing humans at the forefront in the fight against the pandemic, the Robotec company did not stand aside and developed several models of robots capable of autonomously, without human intervention, disinfecting premises, neutralizing bacteria, fungi and most importantly - viruses. 

Santec Smart Disinfection Robot destroys 99.99% of pathogens in autonomous mode using ultraviolet and dry steam disinfector. Santec operates unattended 24 × 7 to keep your workplace, business or educational facility safe without the use of chemicals or manual labor. 

Santec uses high power germicidal ultraviolet light at 253.7 nm to destroy the DNA and RNA structures of bacteria and viruses without the use of chemicals and in an environmentally friendly manner. The radiation power of the UV lamp meets the requirements of GB19258 and the “Technical Specification for Disinfection”, and the radiation intensity of each lamp is about 300 µW / cm² (measured at a distance of 1 m).

For disinfection in models (Santec A, E, S), dry steam is also used - dry fog particles less than 10 microns in size, such a fog penetrates into any niches and cavities. The spray effect meets the "Disinfection Specification" and the airborne bacteria kill rate reaches 99.999%. 

Ultrasonic spraying of a liquid disinfectant has a number of advantages over atomizers based on nozzles: 

- 10 times smaller droplet diameter (the diameter of the ultrasonic fog generator droplets is up to 10 microns, and the nozzles form 50-200 microns); 

- low consumption of a disinfectant solution for a large disinfected volume; 

- a small amount of disinfectant is needed - it does not settle for a long time, it effectively penetrates into all hidden surfaces; 

- there is no settling of large droplets of disinfectant solution on the surface of furniture, objects and people. 

Using the properties of "dry fog" allows disinfection of not only surfaces, but also the volume of air - all particles with viruses and bacteria in the air will meet the smallest drops of aerosol - disinfectant on their way and will be neutralized. This is called volumetric air disinfection. 

The air disinfector forms an ultra-fine-droplet water mist - the droplet diameter is 1-5 microns, in contrast to the nozzles, which irrigate surfaces with large droplets more (surface disinfection). The concentration of solutions, the method of application, the amount and time of spraying are determined by the manufacturer of disinfectants - recommendations for use. 

Robotec robots incorporate the industry-leading latest positioning and navigation technology to ensure long-term stable performance in challenging environments with large numbers of robots, living and non-living objects. The navigation system is based on VSLAM technology, but we use a combination of sensors such as: LIDAR, US, IR sensors, inertial sensors, wheel odometers. 

Equipped with multisensors and intelligent algorithms, the robot automatically turns off the UV lamps if it detects a person or animal nearby. 

Using a combination of UV and dry disinfecting steam allows you to achieve the maximum disinfection effect that is unattainable with conventional methods using sprayers and local UV irradiation. 

In addition, the Santec S Smart Robot recognizes the places most frequently used by a person, places and objects that a person touches most often, and provides additional intensive disinfection of these places in automatic mode.

There are 4 models in the line of robotic disinfectants:

at the moment these robots are available for pre-order here

Santec B (basic model disinfection robot)

Robot Santec B

Robot Santec B with 6 UV lamps (radiation in the UVC range = 253 nm) with a total radiation power of more than 200 W. The simplest model does not contain a rotary mechanism that allows air recirculation inside the robot with simultaneous treatment of the drawn air with UV light, and this model also lacks a dry steam generator from a disinfectant or a generator of an active oxygen form OH-. However, this simple model is well suited for warehouses, spans, corridors, etc. This configuration is basic (Santec Basic).

All robots are equipped with an autonomous navigation and control system, a system for detecting people and animals and turning off UV lamps, an automatic setting for charging, etc.

Santec E (extended model disinfection robot)

Robot Santec E

Robot Santec E with 6 rotatable UV lamps (UVC = 253nm) and a total radiation power of more than 200 W, with an air blowing (recirculation) system with simultaneous disinfection with UV light, as well as an ultrasonic dry steam generation system with disinfecting properties.

This robot is also equipped with a system of intelligent autonomous movement along a given map, overcoming obstacles. The robot can perform additional disinfecting actions at specified points on the map, for example, by increasing the intensity of spraying a liquid disinfectant or by performing several repeated rotation cycles at a given point. The robot detects people and animals, if the robot is in the disinfection mode and a living creature appears in the area of ​​action, the robot turns off the UV lamps and warns with a sound signal that it is necessary to leave the room. Also, the message can come to a remote computer or phone. The robot will resume and continue to work on its own immediately after the person or animal leaves the room and the detection area.

Santec A (advanced model disinfection robot)

Robot Santec A

Robot Santec A - this robot is also equipped with 6 32W UV lamps with rotary mechanisms, the function of recirculation with simultaneous air sterilization, the function of ultrasonic spraying of disinfectant microparticles (<10 microns) in the form of dry steam, the function of generating H2O2 with its subsequent decomposition is also available in the air on OH (strong oxidant - kills 99.9% of known bacteria, viruses, fungi).

The spraying intensity can be adjusted, the robot uses a 10-liter tank, a pumping system, ultrasonic emitters with a spraying power of up to 4 liters per hour. One battery charge is enough for 3-4 hours of operation, depending on the mode, which at a speed of 1.2-1.5 m s allows autonomous disinfection with UV and ultrasonic disinfector of premises up to 8000 sq. M. Or 20,000 cubic meters. This model has advanced characteristics (Advanced) therefore called Santec A.

Santec S (Smart Eco model disinfection robot)

Robot Santec S

Santec S (Smart) - this robot includes all the characteristics and capabilities of previous models (Basic, Extended, Advanced), however, it is equipped with additional intelligent capabilities to recognize buttons, door handles, other frequently used objects and surfaces, upon detection of which, the robot performs an additional intensive disinfection.

This robot can be used in fully ECO mode - only UV and a generator of reactive oxygen species from water (H2O2, OH-).

All robots can carry out disinfection work 24 hours 365 days a year, each robot can autonomously find its charging station, charge and continue to perform its functions according to the schedule and in the established places.

Now you can always be calm - in your warehouses, in fitness centers, sports clubs, gyms, offices and coworking spaces, in schools, kindergartens, shops, supermarkets and other places where people gather or stay - it will always be safe and sterile clean.


Robots have simple and understandable modes of operation:
- automatic execution of disinfection without human intervention with a default duration;
- user-defined mode - automatically performs disinfection without human intervention along a predetermined route with a user-defined duration;
- static mode - a remote controlled robot reaches a certain place and performs disinfection. Remote control and tracking of robot operations is carried out using a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Santec robots specifications:

Size: 500 * 500 * 1700mm;

Maximum speed: 0-1.5 m / s;

Capacity (water, disinfectant): 10L;

Network interface: Wi-Fi / 4G / Bluetooth;

Spray parameters

Fog quantity: 2-4 l / h;

Spray particle size: <10 μm;

Battery capacity

Constant current: 28V 35Ah;

Ultrasonic nebulizers: 6 ultrasonic generators;

Rated power: 500W;

Applicable disinfectant:

Hydrogen peroxide, hypochlorous acid, peracetic acid, etc.

UV intensity: > 300 μW / cm² (Measured at 1 m)

Battery life: ≈4 h

Number of UV groups: 6x32W UV-C

Standby time: ≈24 h

Robot weight: 70 kg

Service life: 20,000 h

Power source: Lithium-ion battery Charging station: Intelligent self-charging Sensors: 3D vision & radar Communication: Dual frequency 2.4G / 5G, IEEE802.11 b / g / n